Monday, March 9, 2009


Last week was a long weekend in Indonesia because Monday was also holiday.

And thanks GOD my husband also had his holiday (It's a rare thing..:p ) So we spent it with family activities with Alex. And after Alex slept, then we spent it by watching movie. I don't know why, these days I want to watch romantic-comedy movies. And here's some of the movie that I saw last weekend

1. Baby Mama

 It's a story of a successful single businesswoman who realize that in her age, she wants to have a baby. She is not married yet, so she go to a sperm bank and try to have babies of her own. But because of something in her uterus than it's all failed. After a while, then she decide to use a  surrogate mother.They will implant her eggs and the sperm from a donor to another woman uterus.

But the one who become the surrogate mother is a woman who lack of responsibility and education. Here's all begin to be that two type of different ladies try to live at the same house...learn on how to be a mother.

This movie makes me grateful about my life. Although  Alex, my son seems to always has extra energy to play, although sometime feeding time can be a frustrating moment, although Alex seems to questioning everything...but he is the biggest gift that I got from GOD..anugrah terbesar dalam hidupku...And I love them so much. Many other woman try to have babies of their own and they found difficulties...I'm thankful that I have mine..

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