Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Wempy Dyocta Koto Award

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, aku sempat menuliskan tentang Mr Wempy Dyocta Koto dan bagaimana aku salut dengan usaha dan bisnis beliau.

Puji Tuhan pada 11 Juli kemarin, berkesempatan untuk bertemu beliau secara personal melalui acara Buka Puasa Bersana setelah aku memenangkan salah satu kuis dari beliau. Dan... itu adalah pengalaman yang sangat sarat ilmu.

Sebelumnya, aku sempat maju mundur untuk ikut #WempydyoctakotoAward karena pertimbangan para krucils yang mana butuh arrangement khusus jika semua proses mentoring diakukan offline di jakarta. Namun, setelah mendapat konfirmasi dari beliau tentang pelaksanaan mentoring yang fleksibel, aku jadi bersemangat dan yakin untuk ikut (Semoga bisa menang, Amien). Berikut adalah beberapa alasan dan harapanku setelah mengikuti award ini.

1. Because #wempydyoctakotoaward  is not just one closed ending event but an open process mentor-ship, I believe it will caused life changing experience, people who win it will have opportunity to grow through out the process.

2. I am an engineering background who become a teacherpreneur (teacher and also entrepreneur) right now. From education background business is not my major, therefore I want to learn more from many successful business people to scale up my business, and #wempydyoctakotoaward is giving me a good channel to meet with more than 12 extraordinary and successful people on their field.

3. For me, treasure in life are family and friends while the priceless asset (in business) is networking. And #wempydyoctakotoaward is a great event to build up and open new networking. It is not only to scale-up networking with the mentors (those who become my role model and my idol and seems untouchable from my point of view right now :) and also those successful people that became the creator behind many worldwide successful event). This event also open a new networking possibility with the other winners, which can lead to a new collaboration partnership.

1. Learn from the mentors to make my personal business become worldwide business. My first business is, Praise God, it can be a blessing for our employees but the man behind the success is actually my partner. While for my personal business and are still struggling for success. My biggest goal from #WempyDyoctaKotoAward is making Arilex and Ladona a successful worldwide business in order to give better life for my employees.

2. Become the tunnel of blessing, the tunnel of knowledge to others. I build Teenpreneur Club in my school, where students can learn to establish their first business, a place where they can make mistakes and also successes. Hopefully with the guidance of all mentor in #WempyDyoctaKotaAward I can assist my students better and also continuing to spread out the knowledge and the blessing that I receive from the mentors. My personal goal, Teenpreneur Club is not specific for one school only but it can be a movement in my city (Surabaya) by 2016.

3. Making collaboration with other winners and also mentors.

1. I commit to give my best, emptying my cup, fulfilling my spirit to learn, and improving myself so the mentor-ship will not useless.

2. I commit (with the guidance of other mentors) to assist 1 youth to become a successful entrepreneur per year. I have a plan to assist 1 youth/year (because Indonesia's future are in the hands of the young generations) and then this person will have the obligation to help and assist another person to establish their business. And then this other person will have the obligation to do the same to others and so on. Hopefully through this simple action can start a movement of better Indonesia.

I know probably hundreds, or million application applied, hopefully I can win it :)
Please support me in prayers guys :D Thank you.