Monday, December 29, 2008

OUR Decision or GOD’s Plan ???

OUR Decision or GOD’s Plan ???

Have you ever wondering whether you already make a good decision or not?

Have you ever feel curios to know what will happened if you choose different path in the past?

Have you ever wondering whether the decision that you made is suit with God’s plan or not?

I have…

Sometimes I wonder whether I’ve made right decision in my life…

I wonder is it really what God wants in my life…

I wonder if I can turn back time and made different decision what would be the effect of it…

It took me a while to realize it…

When I decided to took the largest decision in my life…Sometime I felt that is not the right decision to be made because of the problems that God sent to me during couple months before it, the answers of my prayer…

But at that time my stubbornness took all rationale things from my mind

Is it right or is it wrong? Who knows…

From that decision I’ve got the biggest blessing in my life..

I had many memories of good times…

Will I have those if I made other decision?? Who knows…

Any decision needs consequences…

I’m aware of that…

I still have to live with the consequences of my decisions for many cases…

And when there is temptation come (Really attempting sometimes…hehehe…)

Sometime I’m starting to question again my decision…

Was it the right decisions?

Sometime I almost felt to the temptation to see what will happened if I choose different path…

But during those times, it seems that God always protect me to choose other path…


A verb from bible remind me

“God is my shepherd, I shall not want…”

And there is another verb that strengthens me….

"There is a time for everything and season for every activity under heaven. HE has made everything beautiful in its time"

So…Just live your life and fulfill it with good things..

Any decision has it own consequences that you should live with :)

Jakarta, my kos2an
December 27th 2008 00:45

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Aduh...Ampe sakit perut aku baca blog temenku yang satu ini....
Hahahaha...lucu juga tapi ada juga yang melow abis...
Serasa bukan patner bisnisku yang serius kayak biasanya :p
Aduh mas...kok melonkolis banget deh....


Coba deh baca
Kalo baca tag yang romance serasa kita jadi ikutan melow...(uhmm...)
Kalo baca tag yang sex....wuhahahaha..sebagai cewek aku pengen ketawa aja..huahahaha....segitunya ya cowok itu..huahhaha..sori bermaksud ngetawain abis lucu deh... *ngempet ketawa mode*

So check it out by yourself..Happy blogwalking....

????? WHAT IS LOVE ??????

What is Love..???
Hmm...What is Love??
Why do it bother so many people???

I quote from a poem that I read during my High School... (not exactly coz I forget some part of it.. :p )

Love is come into different shape
Love from mother to child...
Love between friends..

Well I forget the exact poems...
As far as I remember it a good poems..I wish I can find it again...
Anyway...What is love??
Can you feel the same love for 2 different person?
Is it fair?

In my own experience, I even have fear if my baby boy Alex have another sibling, can I love them equally the same?
So the next question is..can love be divide?

does love can be disappear after some time??
or can it reappear again??
What is love?
What is love?


Friends are gifts for life...

Have you ever acknowledge someone that you see everyday?
Have you ever think what you can do without them..?
A friend that separate by still a friend?
Today I feel very grateful to have bunch of best friends....
Like I posted yesterday, I felt that it was my blue Christmas without my family
But as I see it now...
I think God wants me to realize that I have great friends that care for me...

On Christmas eve, my business partner, Mas Indra willingly to drop me to church with located miles away and almost in the middle of the night although I know that he is tired physically and emotionally because of the problems...Thank you mas...I don't how can I go to church at night without you.. :)

Secondly, My old best friend Arwita, she and I already become friend since our childhood coz we are neighbors and for several years we went to the same school... After joining the Devotion of Christmas eve, we went to Wita's places and talked for things..and things..a lot of things...we chat until almost 2.30 in the morning.. Wit, sometime I really miss our conversation, our chat...Seems like old days, right Wit? Like when we still teenagers but now we discuss things/problems that adults have :) not kids anymore... Thank you for your cook Wit.. Yummy...Next time make me another one, please...hehehe...

And then Troy, my best friend at ITS. He came to meet me and Wita at Pondok Indah Mall. And then Wita with her friends and Troy drove me home. Despite of the full schedule that he had, he still spare his time to see an old friends..And I really appreciate for that Troy. Thank you. Specially thank you to care about me so much, I mean... in this few days I get worst cough and influenza (coz I slept only 3-4 hours fr\or this past 4 days and then probably the stress from the problem that I had) Anyway...
After saw my condition, he suggest me to took massage or relaxation and then he accompany me there even wait longer because I had more treatment...and He treat me...Thanks Troy :)
You really are a gentlement..(hehehe..kalo baca ini jangan Ge Er :p ) The woman that become your spouse will be very lucky :) Wish you the best

And also Thak you for my sista of life..Yoyo (sist..jadwal kita tabrakan terus ya :< ), Putty who recently enggage (suit-suit..congratz ya Cung...) Mona (gimana kabar Brian, Crot? ) It's too bad we can not see each other this week. Soon okay (Cung gimana kalo di nikahanmu aja gimana? hehehe...) And for all of my friends which I can not mention one by one...Thank you...Thank you... Wish you all the best :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas...
Just like the one I used to know...
When the tree top glisten...
And children listen...

Hiks..hiks...I miss my baby....
It's a blue Christmas..
Coz I spend it far away for the people that I love...
Away from my baby boy Alex...

I miss him so much...
This is Alex first Christmas without me....

As an excuse I kept telling my self that it is for the sake for my family
And for Alex eventually....
It just feels diffrent...

Hopefully the problems that drag me to Jakarta during my holiday can be solve soon...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mama Memoriam Part 1 "Childhood Memories.."

It’s been a while since my last post. So many things to do lately, at school….

But today I want to write about my mom…my role model J

December 9th is 1000 days after my mom passed away. You know, In Indonesia, and especially in Javaness culture there are some days that become a reminder of someone’s death. (it’s like 3, 7, 40, 100, and 1000). The purpose is, I think, to remind the family and friends to pray for the soul of that person. We’ve done it for my great grandfather who was a bikhu (Buddhists) and also for my grandparents who were Moslem and Christian.

At December 8th night we held a small devotion for my mom and my dad released his new mom’s biography..(I’ll share it next time.. J )

Now about mama, my mom, mimama…..

She surely is my role model in life….

She is a super woman..a wonder woman…(I’m not exaggerating about this…)

She is the type of multi tasking person…and a loving mother….

When I was a kid, after she went home from work and take nap, usually she took me and my little brother with a motorcycle to sell jewelry (door to door), land, property and everything that can be sold. It was a fun moment, although sometime we got rain on the way or tired (coz my mom who was afraid of my legs get into the wheel of the motorcycle always ask me to spread my legs when I sat behind her at the motorcycle…hahaha if I remember that it must have been silly….) And she loves to eat.. so every time we’ve able to sell something or whenever my dad’s book published or at any special events, restaurant is the place where we celebrate it…KDS in Malang is our fave restaurant when I was a kid…

She also a type of person that never stop learning. Although she must had been busy of having 2 kids(3 on the way), a job to do, and a business to manage, she still have time and energy to take her master degree at UGM, Jogya… a city with 6-7 hours travel from my home town.. I still remember how my brother and me compete to cry hysterically whenever it’s time for her to go to Jogya for her studies..(before that my my dad took the master degree at UGM too, and after he finished it, my mom took the degree there..) Now when I have baby of my own, I know that it must been hard for her to left her babies at that time….

Something that I remember during my childhood is how mama and papa can share happily and equally about their marriage. I mean, when there’s the time for papa to study at Jogya or having project out of Island, mama spent more time at home to be with me and my siblings, and when it’s time for mama to study or have work at other town, papa was the one who take care of us… There’s seems like unspoken agreement that whenever their spouse busy doing something, the other should be able to be with the kids… And I think they have managed it well….

One value that I salute from them is “husband and wife have the same obligation to raise the children, have the same obligation to earn money for the family, have the same obligation to manage the house…”

So if right now I saw a friend of mine (male) feels threaten by his spouse’s earning, even dump his fiancée because the fiancée earns more money than him…I never keep questioning why…What’s the problems for that?

Sometimes, my mom earned more money from her property business…And my dad always think that it was a blessing for the family… Either husband or wife earns the money.. It’s all for the kids, for the family’s sake. I admire him for this. Probably also because mama never underestimates papa or “melihat sebelah mata”. Papa is still the head of the family. I know that all of papa salary is given to mama for daily living, while the money from mama business or papa’s book royalty is to be invested or for the kids. So Since a kid I saw mutual respect between my parents. No one is higher nor lower. On every case they always discuss to each other before taking any action. “Keterbukaan” is the key of their marriage life. If right now I saw some of students’ fathers blame on their wives for the kids behaviors... in my opinion it’s been their fault too not being with the kid, never spent time during the kids growth. Or if some of the mothers blame on the fathers whenever they have financial problems and can not afford the school anymore…I never stop wondering, why do they need to blame their spouse..they can work or figure out something to help the family financial, right? Woman also human that can think, can work can do something for family financing…

Even one friend of mine (different from the one that I mention before…) he is a well educated person, but he thinks that his wife should be the maid at house, the babysitter (he only wants to play with his kid and don’t want to do the “dirty” work..). If the house is dirty blame his wife, when I saw that actually I want to yell “You don’t know how tired it is to keep the house clean while you have babies at home..” But that’s make me grateful also because Thank God my husband is not like that…Although he is tired sometime Mayok still willingly help to clean the house (because cleaning is my weakness :p sorry pa..) or take care of Alex..(Makasi Pa..I love you..)

(To be continued…)

Mama Memoriam Part 2 "During my teenage.."

Later on, when I was a teenage, I started to realize how hard it is for papa and mama try to give the best for their kids. I mean when mama and papa marriage they starting definitely from zero. Although my mom’s family is a welfare family, but she want to start it from zero with my dad. From their stories, I know that during their first months of marriage, they rent someone’s garage (not exactly a garage actually, just a “lompongan”) because they can’t afford to rent a house. And then when I was born they rent a house but half of it was still “gedeg” (bamboo). Thank God when my brother was born, papa had some fortune from a project and start bought a house. And during that time I always can find either papa or mama or both of them to help me with my homework and stuff. To mama I can tell her every problem that I had (but when I was at Junior High, I was an introvert so mostly I kept it my own..”dark ages” of my life :p..but since Senior High I begin more open.. Thanks to my dear big host brother Casper R Molthe.. and since that I always discuss with mama about everything…)

And I know mama and papa always discuss about everything…from their work, their friends, us as their kids :p…on everything… So I guess who lose her the most is papa.

Mama indeed a persistent person…when she wanted something she gonna gave her best effort to get it…And won’t stop until she receive it…When she failed…she stood up again and tried it again….

As a broker she had the capability to persuade people…When she saw opportunity she gonna chased it and won’t stop until it success….

If she can not made it to sell a house she will offer another.. and another.. and another till the buyer buy something or till the buyer positively don’t want to buy anything.

For some people who don’t know her very close, probably she is too pushing or demanding…but actually it’s just another work principle on her life to never stop trying and struggling…

That’s what inspire me to teach my kid and my students…”to never stop trying and struggling..”

She surely do a hard worker…. Sometime I even wonder where did she have the energy to do everything…as a wife, a housewife, a mother, a lecturer, a rector assistant, a broker, a house engineer, a writer (although most of the chapter made by papa) and other so much a……

How can she manage her time…?

How can she still able to made ice cream, cakes, or ayam bumbu kalak (Ido fave) or asem – asem (my fave :p ) or sup merah which very delicious until my aunt always order it for family gathering…

I still have to learn a lot to be like her…I still have a clumsy time arrangement :p

Sometime after go home from school, I feel to tired to do anything…. But I guess that because I put the boundary my self..(hmmm…) I should stretch my limit….

24 hours is too precious to be spent on doing nothing….

That’s another value I got from mama…I should learn on how she did it…

(wait for the next….)

Mama Memoriam Part 3 "Illness.."

When I was at the ITS, Surabaya - a city 2 hours ride from my hometown – Mama was first diagnosis to have breast cancer by dr. Ario Djatmiko (my bestfriend Troy who show us that doctor..) It was a shock for all of us… I think mama is shock too. I guess, but she never show it… She still had the spirit to work, to socialize, and as well as try to find the cure of her illness…. Many methods she tried to cure her illness but she refused to have the surgery. She became a vegetarian for a while and avoided all food that was fried. She only ate steam veggie and tempe, tahu (and the tumor growth is decreasing.. hmm…I think doctor’s should recommended being a veggie for their cancer patient J)

Anyway, 4 years she struggle with her illness but nobody outside from our family knows about that, because she is still had the same activities. She still became the Rector assistant at her campus, she still run LADONA (mama property’s business) even enlarge LADONA into a company with some employee…She still travel (to visit me mostly and to find the cure..) She still socialized like nothing is happened… I never saw her losing her spirit (except for few days after the diagnosis)

Something happened when I was newly graduated from college on 2004… Mama was taking a surgery to take her womb, because it enlarges and made her constipated. At that time I was a new employee at Tanzil…And works at Tanzil demand me to do a lot of travel to client…Even I can not attend mama surgery because I was at the client out of town. But that experience made me realize that a job that needs a lot of travel from family is not suit me…

Anyway after the womb is taken it was brought to dr. lunardi (and one more doctor I forgot…) to be analyzed. By dr. Lunardi the sample is sent to Holland to be check. And the result is it indicates that there was a “krukenberg tumor” (a tumor in stomach…) but they were not sure about mama refused to take chemotherapy but still tried traditional medicine and herbal chemotherapy from Chinese No. 1 (In Jemursari Surabaya)

When the womb is taken, the tumor at mama’s breast is slowly decreasing and almost can not seen again…. (Is it has correlation?? I don’t know.. perhaps doctor can examine about it..”) And mama still with her lots of energy still run the business, she indeed is not taken any prestigious job at the campus anymore and spent more time at home and run LADONA… I think not because of her illness but because it’s papa turn to take a development in his career… during that time papa is run for dean at Brawijaya University… (now you know what I mean by both of them has unspoken agreement if the spouse wants the career, the other spent more time at home.. when mama was rector assistant papa did that also..)

In 2005 mama is had another surgery with her urethra, because she found difficulties to pee. First the doctor thought that there is something on her stomach that push the urethra and make it not well function. But when doctor did endoscope on mama stomach (with small camera that entered from her rectum).. nothing special found..(At that time I prayed that there’s no tumor found… Later on I wish we know it earlier L ).

And at that year I also prepare for my wedding…well… actually mama prepare for my wedding.. there’s nothing else that I and Mayok prepare except for the invitation card, because both of us stay at Surabaya while the ceremonial and reception held in Malang. The rest of it was handled by mama and papa at Malang (mostly mama, I guess…) That’s what I admire also from her.. Although she is sick badly.. she didn’t spent time to pity her self or end up in long sadness or stress… but she had positive thinking that better make herself busy to prepare wedding with 2000 guests while wait for the medicine works. As a child I saw her as a woman who was very “tabah” and strong…

One more thing that I recall is on how she loves her family so much (I put it in present tense coz I know although she’s gone she still loves us so much..) Mama loves us very much…In her biography papa wrote that sometime mama love us so much until it seems selfishly… But I guess that because she is a good mother that want the happiness for her kids.. that willingly jump in to fire if she needs to save her kids…

Mama is the one who brings back my motivation, my life even when I can not trust person anymore…when I lose my confidence, my self esteem, when seems that I can not love anymore...when I even can not love my self… Mama was there…

I found it out few days before she passed away that even she fought for my happiness even when I have no courage to fought it my own… She stood there before me.. behalf on my name.. for my happiness… See how she spoiled me too much and it makes me miss her so much…even until now….

After my wedding, she still busy to help me prepare the new place for me to live in (at Pak Daud’s place..) And I think because of the problems before my wedding and preparation after my wedding, it makes her colaps…Tired very much…And she was hospitalized, first diagnosis is maag, but when the doctor do some test on her (took liquid from her stomach)…Its known that mama has 4B level of cancer…

I don’t know about it until 1 week after mama passed away…. I think Mama only told Papa…and Papa only said it to Ido (my brother) who he thought is the strongest among the 3 kids..but when papa discuss it with Ido, my youngest sist Rina accidentally listen to ir….SO..ONLY ME WHO DON’T KNOW ABOUT MAMA CONDITION AT THAT TIME…And I never stop blaming my self for that…

Mama did chemotherapy for 2 times before her health is decreasing fast. When I saw her, she still can communicated well…still can angry to papa J Mayok said that Mama would be fine.. “she just look not as enthusiastically as usually but she’s going to be fine” Mayok said. But a week after that Mama was unconscious, papa said mama yelling my name for several times (at the same time when I almost drown at river.. is it coincident, well I don’t know) So I rush my self with Mas Ayok (and Bung Kus cs) to went to Malang…And what I saw there was breaking my heart…. She can not swallow anything so my sister needs to inject milk through mama’s nose…She was losing her hair…She can not communicate…Although I cried and whispering my name, she didn’t recall me anymore….

I promise to her I’ll be back on Wednesday coz I need to prepare my leave….But on Wednesday something came up..I should finish my grading for the students first before I left.. so I said to Mas Ayok let’s just go to Malang early morning on Thursday…. But that night I can not sleep I keep prayed and also finish my job…At 01.30 Mas Ayok went home from evening shift and asked me to pack because we should went to malang at that time…I have bad feeling why we should left in the middle of the night, but Mayok kept silence…After I packed and wait for taxi, Mayok said that Mama was gone….Mama was gone….

I was shock…I blamed my self… Mama kept her promise to wait for me on Wednesday..but I didn’t make it..

Mama please forgive me…

Even I can not be on yourside during your last minute…

I’m sorry for being selfish….

I’m sorry for everything that I’ve been done…

I’m sorry to not have a chance saying I love you for the last time..

I’m sorry for not have a chance to say thank say how grateful I am to have you as a mom…

I’m sorry ma…

I’m sorry….

Ido and Rina (my bro and sist) can took it better that me…perhaps because they know how hard Mama had been struggle for her life.. How much Mama suffers during her time…I’m the one who don’t want to let her go….

Especially 2 days after Mama passed away, I found out that I was pregnant…. I kept questioning GOD..”Why God..Why…You took Mama away at the time I need her the most…”

A good news, seems not to be good news for me… (But now I give praise for it..Thank you for giving me Alex, my Lord…)

And like what Rina, my sister, better to memorize mama with smile and laughter instead with cry and sadness…Coz that what mama is…someone full of spirit of love and laughter, happiness and enthusiastism….

Ma…I promise.. this is the last time I cry when I talked about you…since now I will tell about you to my kids and my grandkids with love and laughter…

Bye – Bye for now ma… I love you so much.. And I hope you can rest in peae and happily there…’Till one day we meet again….

Monday, November 10, 2008

My name means....

You entered: karila wisudayanti

There are 17 letters in your name.
Those 17 letters total to 72
There are 8 vowels and 9 consonants in your name.

Your number is: 9

The characteristics of #9 are: Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression.

The expression or destiny for #9:
The expression that you exhibit is represented bythe number 9. Your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You like to help others as you were intended to be the 'big brother or big sister' type. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. You work well with people, and have the potential to inspire. This suggests that you could successfully teach or counsel. Creative ability, imagination and artistic talent (often latent) of the highest order are present in this expression.

t's possible that you're not using or developing all of these capabilities at this time. Some of your talents may have been used at an earlier time in your life, and some may still be latent. Be aware of your capabilities, so that you can make use of them at appropriate times.

If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural expression in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others. Your personal ambitions are likely to be maintained in a very positive perspective, never losing sight of an interest in people, and a sympathetic, tolerant, broad-minded and compassionate point of view. You are quite idealistic, and disappointed at the lack of perfection in the world. You have a strong awareness of your own feeling as well as those of others. Friendships, affection, and love are extremely important.

Undeveloped or ignored, the negative side of the 9 expression can be very selfish and self-centered. If you do not actively involve yourself with work that benefits others, you may tend to express just the opposite characteristics. It is your role to be very involved with other people and their needs, but it may be difficult for you achieve this role. Aloofness, lack of involvement, and a lack of sensitivity mark the low road of this expression.

Your Soul Urge number is: 7

A Soul Urge number of 7 means:
With a number 7 Soul Urge you are very fond of reading, and retreating to periods of being alone and away from the disruptions of the outer world. You like to dream and develop you idealistic understandings, to study and analyze, to gain knowledge and wisdom. You may be too laid back and withdrawn to really succeed in the business world, and you will be much more comfortable in circumstances that are tolerant of your reserve, your analytical approach, and your desire to use your mind rather than your physical being.

You are very timid around people that you don't know very well, so much so at times that casual conversation and social situations can be strained. You tend to repress your emotions to the extend that some people have a good bit of difficult understanding you. You tend to be very selective with friends and you don't easily adapt to new environments or to new people very quickly.

The negative traits of the 7 include becoming too much the introvert and isolated from others.

Your Inner Dream number is: 11

An Inner Dream number of 11 means:
You dream of casting the light of illumination; of being the true idealist. You secretly believe there is more to life than we can know or prove, and you would like to be provider of the 'word' from on high.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wisudaannya Rina

Siapa sih Rina?? :)
Rina is my beloved sister.... :)
Tanggal 24 Oktober kemarin, aku ama Alex pulang ke Malang untuk ngerayain ultahnya adik bungsuku sekaligus wisudanya dia...
Kalo dulu, aku ngerasa sudah cukup hebat karena 2 minggu sesudah wisuda langsung ketrima kerja..(juga sobatku si Yoyo)...
Nah adikku ini, bahkan 2 minggu sebelum dia wisuda, dia udah kerja tanpa lewat tes di Ernest Young (one of the biggest accountant in Indonesia..)..
I'm so proud of her.... :) --> sungguhan dek...

Puji Tuhan baik aku, Ido (my beloved brother) maupun Rina bisa ketrima kerja cepat...Praise the Lord!
Nah, balik lagi ke Rina...
Jadi sekalian buat ngerayain ultahnya Rina, syukuran kelulusan, dan syukuran ketrima kerja...Papa bikin rencana untuk ngadain syukuran di Kertanegara....(maksud pertamanya sih Surprise Party..tapi trus gagal...hihihi..jadi ga surprise lagi...:p)
Ya udah jadi hari Jumat aku ijin setengah hari trus dijemput Ido buat ke Malang....
Lalu hari Sabtu pagi - pagi banget...jam 3 pagi bo...Mbak Yanti (my cousin) dah dateng buat ngerias Rina dan 5 orang temannya....
Wah kalo musim wisudaan dan mantenan kayak gini...orang salon pasti laku keras...ckkckck...
Karena banyaknya orang yang dirias...ampir aja si Rina telat....
NAh waktu abis dari Univ dan lanjut ke fakultas...Kita sekeluarga terima sweet surprise...
ternyata adikku Rina terpilih sebagai salah seorang lulusan terbaik dengan skripsi terbaik... Rina aja ampe kaget karena ga nyangka...
So, tambah laku deh satu ujug syukurannya :)
Setelah seharian di UB, malamnya kita ke Kertanegara buat syukurannya Rina... Keluarga besar Bude (ampe cucu-cucunya..) keluarga besar tante Dina, pegawaianya papa di posko, temen-temannya Rina...wah pokoknya rame banget..tapi sayangnya papanya Alex kejebak macet di Porong dan baru dateng jam 10 :(
Terima kasih Tuhan untuk semua kasihMu kepada kami....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Nasehat untuk resesi dunia

Dear friends,
Ini aku sengaja postingkan salah satu nasihat yang bisa di jadikan pegangan di masa ekonomi yang tidak jelas begini....
Kalo aku sendiri karena di sektor pendidikan belum terlalu berasa, tetapi aku tahu dunia manufaktur sudah terkena imbasnya. Bulan ini suamiku "dirumahkan" 2 minggu (kebetulan moment lebaran juga sih..So I'm quite happy with it..) Tetapi ini berarti bahwa negara kita tidak imun terhadap resesi dunia yang saat ini sedang melanda...
Jadi semoga beberapa tips berikut ini bisa dijadikan pegangan untuk anda semua...
I just wish I know it earlier, coz I just sign Alex to the Insurance with link...OMG...
Untuk mbak Rina...Thank you ya... Mbak mohon nasehat - nasehat terus ya
I guess my plan to open a new business should be postpone now.... :(

> From: rina sutarto
> Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 12:48 AM
> Subject: Tentang Krisis Ekonomi

> Teman2, agak serius dikit ya.
> Sebetulnya ini agak telat, tapi sorry karena pikiranku kesita banget ama
> kerjaan. Barusan aja aku kepikiran untuk share ama kalian di milist ini. Aku
> sendiri juga kelimpungan jawab pertanyaan dari orang2 soal ini. Ini bukan
> nakut2in tapi kenyataan dan aku nulis ini supaya kalian tahu apa yang harus
> dilakukan. Aku kerja di bidang investasi dan keuangan dan aku dah tahu
> duluan tentang hal ini. Aku dah tahu dan ngerasain krisis ini dari awal
> tahun tapi kan belum ngefek ke real sector, berhubung sekarang udah menjalar
> dan kalian akan segera merasakannya maka aku tulis ini. Krisis ini bisa
> lebih buruk dari krisis 98, tapi kondisi ekonomi kita lebih kuat sekarang.
> Krisis yang sekarang asalnya dari luar bukan dari dalam negeri. So, aku
> minta kalian benar2 baca tulisan aku ampe selesai. Terserah kalian akan
> ikutin atau tidak, yang jelas aku punya license nasional dan pemahaman yang
> membuat tulisan aku di bawah ini suatu penjelasan dan saran yang bisa
> diikuti, bukan nakut2in. Bila ada pertanyaan bisa menghubungi aku di
> 08111834945, free of charge. Ini juga bukan iklan, gue ngga butuh. Please
> feel free. Tapi please jangan marah kalo gue ngga jawab karena kantor juga
> kacau abis.
> Singkatnya gini deh:
> Kondisi ekonomi:
> 1. Krisis keuangan di AS sangat sangat sangat parah. Tidak ada yang selamat.
> Ini sistem yang hancur.
> 2. Krisis itu telah menjalar ke seluruh dunia, sekali lagi tidak ada yang
> selamat. Kalo ada rumor yang mengatakan bahwa negara ini bakal kuat, bakal
> jadi pemimpin, jangan percaya.
> 3. Banyak negara sudah memasuki masa resesi, seperti Inggris dan Singapur.
> Sebenarnya banyak sekali negara sudah masuk resesi tapi secara definisi
> belum karena dalam definisi ekonomi suatu negara dinyatakan resesi bila
> pertumbuhan ekonominya negatif 2 kuartal berturut2. Jadi yang tinggal di
> Singapore , Inggris dan US benar2 harus melakukan perubahan cara hidup mulai
> sekarang.
> 4. Krisis ekonomi sudah menjalar ke sektor real artinya akan kita rasakan.
> Sekarang sebenarnya sudah tapi tidak banyak orang awam yang benar2 sadar
> dampaknya. Ekspor kita sudah melambat, harga2 komoditas kita sudah jatuh,
> eksportir2 kita sudah memecati karyawan, impor ilegal sudah masuk.
> Pertumbuhan ekonomi kita bisa negatif.
> 5. Sektor2 yang paling dulu terkena imbasnya adalah properti, manufaktur,
> pertambangan, perkebunan.. ..sebenarnya sekarang udah terasa. Jadi tahun
> depan jangan harapkan perusahaan kalian kasi bonus besar lagi atau kasi
> kenaikan gaji tinggi lagi,
> Artinya : Semua orang, semua negara sedang dalam perang memperebutkan cash.
> Siapa yang punya cash nantinya punya kemampuan lebih untuk bertahan
> Saran dari aku:
> 1. Gaji dan semua income jangan dibelikan investasi lagi. PEGANG CASH. Buat
> kalian yang pas2an sekali, aku saranin, akumulasi cash dalam bentuk hard
> cash yaitu rekening tabungan (yang bisa ditarik dengan ATM). So, gaji masuk
> jangan belanja apa2.
> 2. Barang2 tertier terutama yang bakal dibeli pake kredit nanti dulu deh,
> pegang cash dulu. Barang2 akan mahal, susu anak, pegang cash.
> 3. Bila kalian dengar harga emas naik dan sebagainya, jangan tergiur. Emas
> memang naik, tapi sangat volatile. Contoh temanku, beli emas, niatnya mau
> jualan, telat, sekarang turun lagi. Lagian percaya deh, sulit jualnya
> karena semua orang dalam kondisi pengin jualan. Kalian bisa beli kemungkinan
> besar susah jualnya
> 4.Investasi tunda dulu deh. Kalo memang ada duit lebih deposito saat ini
> yang paling cocok, itu juga near to cash walaupun ada jatuh temponya. Nah
> untuk deposito aku saranin:
> 4.a. Masukkan ke bank yang aman, buat kalian aku sarankan kalo bisa bank
> pemerintah.
> 4.b Bunga penjaminan pemerintah hanya 10%. Artinya bila deposito kalian
> mendapat bunga di atas 10% maka uang kalian tidak akan dijamin oleh
> pemerintah. Bila, bank itu kolaps, maka uang kalian bisa saja hilang....lang
> lang. Terus nominal yang diganti hanya maksimal 2 M. Mungkin kalian tidak
> ada yang punya sebanyak itu tapi informasi ini bisa dishare ke bokap atau
> nyokap.
> 5. Jangan panik lalu ikut2an beli emas atau dollar. Dollar justru
> tinggi2nya. Udah Rp 10,000 an. Dollar yang tinggi ini karena investor asing
> menarik uangnya dari Indonesia , mereka kan butuh dollar supaya bisa dibawa
> ke negara mereka. Jadi bukan karena kondisi ekonomi kita yang jelek.
> Rumor:
> 1. Ekonomi Indonesia kuat, jauh lebih kuat daripada Singapore bahkan.
> Singapore sudah masuk resesi, 2 kuartal berturut2 -6%. Indonesia masih
> tumbuh 6%. Bila ada rumor yang mengatakan bahwa krisis kali ini disebabkan
> oleh pemerintah kita yang payah jangan percaya. Tim ekonomi kita sekarang
> ini tangguh. Cara mereka menanggulangi krisis sudah on track. BI mungkin
> membuat kebijakan yang mengejutkan tapi Menkeu tidak. I am objective di sini
> karena aku pelaku pasar bukan orang politik.
> 2. Jadi, bila ada rumor yang mengajak kalian menggulingkan pemerintah
> sekarang seperti zaman Soeharto, jangan terpancing.
> 3. Hutang luar negeri kita sangat2 kecil saat ini dan cadangan devisa kita
> jauh lebih kuat daripada tahun 97/98. Dulu hutang luar negeri kita 100% dan
> cadangan devisa kita nol. Saat ini kita juga tidak ada hubungan lagi dengan
> IMF. Semua hutang kita itu independent.
> Tindakan:
> 1. Selain menyediakan cash untuk keperluan kita dan keluarga, mulai sekarang
> belilah dan pakailah produk dalam negeri. Aku ngga sok idealis, ini ada
> logikanya. Logikanya gini. Sekarang semua negara butuh cash, istilahnya ngga
> ada yang beli dagangan mereka, semua negara maunya jualan produk mereka
> supaya dapat cash. Nah, ngapain coba kita ngasih rakyat negara lain
> pendapatan dengan membeli produk2 mereka? Rugi amat. So, pake semua produk
> lokal. Kita mulai dari diri kita sendiri. Belanja ke Singapore nya ntar
> dulu. Travelling ke Phuket nya ntar dulu. Beneran....
> 2. Produk impor yang menggiurkan sudah masuk menyerbu ke Indonesia . Itu
> sebenarnya dagangan negara2 lain yang tidak laku di USA karena USA dan
> negara2 kaya dan maju sudah bangkrut sehingga ngga minat lagi. Harga barang2
> itu murah tapi sekali lagi, ngapain kasi makan negara lain sementara negara2
> itu sudah tidak punya kapasitas lagi kasih makan kita. Ini bukan kondisi
> normal lagi ketika perdagangan antar negara terjadi karena saling
> membutuhkan, ini sih negara yang jualan udah ngga bisa timbal balik beli
> barang kita. Dong kan ? Lagian ati2, mereka masuk dengan barang2 palsu kaya
> telur palsu dari bahan kimia.Yang sudah masuk sih barang2 dari China karena
> ekspor mereka tidak terserap oleh US makanya dibuang ke Asia . Dan ingat
> walaupun ekonomi China masih tumbuh 10% dan cadangan valas merekan terbesar
> di dunia, duit mereka juga sudah banyak ketanam di AS sehingga mereka juga
> merasakan dampak krisis ini.
> 3. Sekarang udah ngga pada kondisinya deh ngributin masalah politik dan
> ideologi, so jangan terpancing.. ..amakan dulu perut.
> Investasi;
> 1. Bagi kalian yang punya reksadana di saham, kalo nilai investasi kalian
> sudah di bawah 50%, biarkan saja, jangan dijual karena kalo kalian jual maka
> uang kalian benar2 akan tinggal dikit. Biarkan saja nanti balik lagi...tapi
> kali ini memang lama....minimal 2 tahun bahkan lebih. Sekali lagi ini krisis
> yang sangat besar, terbesar sepanjang masa ekonomi dunia modern.
> 2. jangan beli asuransi dengan link lagi. Bila ada asuransi dengan link di
> dalamnya aku jamin hasil investasi kalian kecil sekali. Kalo belum lama
> belinya tanya ke agennya bisa tidak diswitch ke murni asuransi.
> 2. Kalo memang ada duit lebih, masukkan saja ke deposito. Sekarang yieldnya
> lagi tinggi tapi ingat penjelasan ku tentang deposito di atas.
> Rina

Friday, October 24, 2008

For you my Friend

Tak terasa waktu tlah berjalan

Jarak menjadi penghadang

Namun kau khan selalu di hati

Sesuatu yang sangat berarti

We had many memories together

Had some problems at each other

But that’s will not bother

‘Coz our friendship will last forever


Dalam hidupku kau jadi berkat

Yang khan selalu kujabat erat

Dalam kehangatan yang melekat

Poem about Alex


Anakku tersayang

Tingkah lakumu khan selalu terkenang

Dalam angan yang Tak pernah Lekang

Chubby cheeks peek on a pillow

Brightly eyes and smiley face that follow

Always able to ease my sorrow

Kanugrahan Gusti teng dunya

Ageng Katresnanipun marang kula

Putro kang kados dijogo

Surabaya, 27 September 2008

Dipersembahkan untuk anakku tersayang “Alex Hedar Pratama”

Oleh Karila Wisudayanti

“Do your best to fill life to the fullest”

Poem about Mama


Hampir seribu hari kau pergi

Meninggalkan kami sendiri

Dalam duka tak terperi

Dalam dan menyayat hati

Tak ‘da lagi omelan di pagi hari

Tak ‘da lagi pelukan di malam hari

Tak ‘da kecerewetan membahana

Tak ‘da nasehat membara

Beribu maaf belum kuucap

Beribu terima kasih belum terucap

Cucu tersayang belum kau timang

Tapi kau khan selalu kukenang

Aku akan selalu merindukanmu

Tetapi kutahu kau bahagia di sana

Semoga suatu hari kita khan bertemu

Bersama di sisi Bapa di surga

Surabaya, 10 October 2008

Dipersembahkan dalam rangka peringatan 1000 hari mama tercinta

“Ir. F.F Metty Kurniati, MS

Oleh Karila Wisudayanti

A great teacher story

Okay I will tell you a story about Mrs. Thompson ….

It’s taken from

(but some of it I add it with my own words because I can not find the full version of it..The one in italic is my own memories about it..)

Mrs. Thompson is a teacher

And like most teachers, she looked at her students

She said that she loved them all the same

However that was impossible because there in front row slumped in his seat..

Was a little boy named Teddy Stallard

And Teddy could be unpleasant

It got to the point where Miss Thompson would actually take delight in marking his paper with a broad red pen, making bold “X” and then putting a big F on the top of his papers

At the school where Miss Thompson taught, she was required to review each child past records, and she put Teddy’s off until the last

However when she reviews his file, she was in for a surprise

His first grade teacher wrote that “Teddy is a brilliant student, good at class and he pleasant to be with. His friends love him”

His second grade teacher wrote that “Teddy is a pleasant boy and his friends like to be with him, but recently his mother got a deathly illness”

His third grade teachers wrote “ His mother death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best but his father doesn’t show much interest and his home life will soon affect him if some steps aren’t taken”

His fourth grade teacher wrote “Teddy withdrawals himself from the society. He don’t have anymore friend to be with and his academic slowly begun to decreased”

By now Miss Thompson has realize the problems and she feels ashamed of herself

She felt even worst when her students brought her a Christmas presents and wrapped with beautiful ribbons and bright papers, except Teddy’s

His present was clumsily wrapped in the heavy brown paper that he got from the grocery bag.

Miss Thompson took pain to open it in the middle of the other present

Some of the students started to laugh when she found a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stone missing and a bottle that was one quarter full of perfume

But she stifled the children laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, put it on and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist.

Teddy stayed after school that day, just long enough to say “Miss Thompson today you smell just like my mom used to”

After the children left, she cried for at least an hour

On that very day, she quit teaching writing, reading and arithmetic

Instead, she begin to teach children

Miss Thompson paid particular attention to Teddy

As she worked with him, his mind begin to come life

The more she encourage him the faster he responded

By the end of the year Teddy begin to be one of the smartest children at class

Despite the lie that she all students the same,

Teddy becomes one of her “teacher’s pet”

The story does not end here…

(But I make it short…it just every year or two…Teddy will write a letter to Miss Thompson to tell her about himself at that time and stated that Miss Thompson is the best teacher he ever know…He is a doctor then)

16 years later…

A letter come..

Teddy said that he met this girl and was going to be married and he was wondering that Miss Thompson might agree to sit at the wedding in a place that was usually reserved for the mother of the groom….. (his father died couple years before that day...)

And she wore that bracelet the one with some rhinestone missing

Moreover she made sure that she wearing the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together

“Thank you Miss Thompson for believing in me.Thank you so much for making me feel important and showing me that I could make a difference”

Miss Thompson with tears in her eyes whispered back “Teddy you have it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I can make a difference. I don’t know how to teach until I met you”

I wish I could be someone like Ms Thompson..someone that inspire....Amien


I got this from the training..

And it quite strengthens me to do my job when I have low motivation and feel headache like now…

And now I want to share it with you all….

It’s from von Gothe..

I have come to frightening conclusion…

I am the decisive element in the classroom

It is my personal approach that creates the climate

It is my daily mood that makes the weather

As a teacher I possess tremendous

To make a child’s life miserable or joyous

I can be a tool of torture

Or an instrument of inspiration

I can humiliate or humor

Hurt or heal

In all situation

It is my response that decides whether

A crisis will be escalated or de-escalated

And a child humanized or dehumanized

MUDIK DAY 12 : SIBUK @ Morning

Tuesday, October 7th 2008

Kesibukan pagi hari di malang...

MUDIK DAY 11 (Part 2) : Timezone..Playzone…

Ksatria berkuda putih..hehehe...

Papa juga ga mo kalah ama Alex..Ikutan maen snowboarding...
Liat betapa senengnya Alex maen mobil2an...
Ayo lex..injak yang itu lho..Yang itu...Yang ini....
Ayo Lex pukul..pukul...(wah mengajarkan kekerasan ya...hmmmm..)

Timezone bener2 surga bermain

MUDIK DAY 11 : Tour de UB

Monday, October 6th 2008

Hari ini eyangnya Alex dah harus masuk (maklum PNS..hihihi..)dan karena Alex ga ada kerjaan di rumah..ahkirnya ikut deh ama eyangnya ke Universitas Brawijaya tempat eyang ngajar...

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sunday, October 5th 2008

Hari ini pagi – pagi banget Rina dah dijemput travel buat ke Juanda..sekalian aku nitip deh sepedanya Alex, ovennya almarhum mama (yang segede gajah..hihihi hiperbolic), dan semua oleh2 dari probolinggo buat dibawa ke Surabaya. Abis kalo aku yang kudu bawa pas balik ntar pasti ga bisa muat di visto yang imut kecilnya..hehehe…Untung sopirnya travel baek hati mo mampir ke rumahku yang di Surabaya dulu…

Trus abis itu, Alex mulai dengan ritual paginya kalo di rumah Malang

Siram – siram bunga di halaman belakang

Lihat iyuk kasi maem burung - burung peliharaannnya eyang kung
KAsih maem sammy si kucing ama papa

MUDIK DAY 9 : @ Kertanegara

Saturday, October 4th 2008

Today’s plan actually go to Klub Bunga..

Tapi pagi – pagi…adikku Ido ga bisa bangun karena keseleo punggungnya..trus Eyang Kungnya Alex gulanya naek (kebanyakan makan enak beberapa hari terahkir….) Lagipula batuk pileknya Alex belum sembuh 100%...

Ya udah….rencanan dibatalkan ….

JAdi Alex cuman maen – maen ama tantenya..maen ayunan di kebonan depan ama sepedaan..

Dan ahkirnya kita cuman dinner di Kertanegara buat perpisahaannya adikku Rina yang besok dah mo balik lagi ke Jakarta buat kerja di Ernest Young dan belum tau kapan lagi bisa cuti pulang….

Alex seneng banget ama french fries sampe bisa ngabisin sepiring....
Alex in action niru pemain piano live music nya... (sebelumnya Eyang nya yang in action nyanyi 3 lagu...)
Alex ama papa di bawah lampu - lampu...
foto keluargaku tersayang....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

MUDIK DAY 8 : @ Malang

Friday, October 3rd 2008

Pagi – pagi banget, aku siap – siap untuk ke malang. Setelah minumin Alex susu sekitar jam 2 trus beres – beres…. Ahkirnya kita bisa berangkat juga ke Malang

And the good news is.. Alex tertidur dengan pulas… :) Tapi bad newsnya…

Liat Alex bobok…Aku jadi ikutan ngnatuk..dan ahkirnya papanya Alex juga ikutan ngantuk…ckckck…bahaya nih nyupirnya…hehehe….

But finally we are arrive safely : )

Kami sampe di rumah Malang sekitar jam 5.30 pagi..

Trus dilanjut dengan acara “CAR WASH..”

Jadi pertama mobilku yang dah jelas rupanya karena perjalanan, trus mobilnya Om Dodo nya Alex, trus mobil Tante Ina – nya Alex..terahkir mobilnya Yang Kung nya Alex…

As usual… Alex mana mau diam thok liat….Dia mo ikutan aja nyuci mobil…

Yach ahkirnya ama papanya dikasi tugas buat nyikat ban – bannya mobil…

Wa dalah…. Tapi ahkirnya yang disikat bukan ban nya mobil tapi body nya mobil..!!!

Kalo di visto ku sih ga begitu keliatan hasilnya karena dah bocel –bocel karena terlalu sering kuserempetin..hehehe..

Tapi mobil om nya???

Timor nya masih mulus e…Wah harus dicariin mainan laen nih biar tetep mau makan tapi ga ngeriwuki yang nyuci mobil

Ya udah….senjata andalan dikeluarkan….SEPEDA…

Nah ahkirnya dia sibuk maen sepeda sementara papa, om dan eyangnya lanjut nyuci Aveo dan Optra….

Abis nyuci – nyuci dan mandi..mungkin Alex kecakean jadi dia tidur lagi….

Ya untunglah karena jam 1 diundang Tante Dina (adiknya almarhumah ibuku..) buat dateng syukuran lebaran di rumahnya….

Pas nyampe ke rumah tante..kita dah paling telat.(padahal rumah paling dekat..hehehe..)

Di sana dah ada keluarga besar Bu De Toni…

Keluarga besar adik – adik Om Adi dari Semarang dan Jakarta

Pendek kata…rameeee banget….

Ini dia Tante Dina ku tersayang adiknya mama di rumah barunya....

Aku ama adikku Rina bergaya di loteng belakang rumah tante..

Setelah itu jadi guru TK dadakan :p


Thursday, October 2nd 2008

Setelah seharian kemarin sibuk pergi – pergi…

Sorenya sepertinya Alex kecapekan jadi dia mulai sering bersin – bersin…

Nah padahal hari ini banyak banget tamu yang bakalan dateng…. Papa maleng akan dateng setelah nyekar mama…

Trus Ta Medar (OM nya MAs Ayok) dari Makasar juga bakalan dateng…

Belum lagi para tetangga…

Jadi selain vitamin emulsionnya, Alex juga kukasih MUCOPECT biar batuknya ga tambah parah pikirku…

E…tapi ternyata…

Batuknya semakin ngiklik…Bahkan waktu dia tidur, sempat batuk parah dan ahkirnya muntahin susunya ke seluruh wajahnya….Kasian banget kalo ingat hal itu…


Dengan persetujuan papanya…Sore itu Alex kubawa ke Dokter Indro (dokternya papanya semenjak kelas 4 SD)..

Hmmm…jadi dokter 3 generasi (Eyang Kung nya Akex, Papanya Alex dan sekarang Alex….hehehe..)

Ini foto dengan dokter Indro waktu kami mo pulang…..

Untungnya dengan obat yang diberikan, Alex bisa bobok dengan tenang sehingga aku bisa beres-beres dan packing buat berangkat ke Malang subuh itu….Fiiuuuhhh….

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MUDIK DAY 6 : Lebaran @ Probolinggo

Wednesday, October 1st 2008

Today is Lebaran day…

Perhaps like Easter in Catholic….

Victory after fasting….

Kalo di keluarga Probolinggo tiap kali Lebaan ada tradisi Sungkeman…

Dari yang lebih muda ke yang Lebih Tua…

Jadi..mama sungkem ke Papa, Mayok sungkem ke mama en papa…Aku sungkem ke Mayok, mama en papa…trus Ita ke mama,papa, mayok, aku…gitu terus ampe Alex (sekarang yang paling kecil..) sungkem ke eyangnya, papa mamanya trus tante-tantenya…

Abis sungkeman terus sarapan….tapi ga ada ketupatnya..tetangga belum pada kirim :p

Abis itu sama mama diajak bertandang ke Ibu sebelah (kira-kira 15 menit)..

Trus ke orang – orang yang ngerjakan sawahnya mama-papa…Pak Badrus…

Nah kalo di desatiap kali ada tamu, pasti disuruh makan…

Nah kalo kita tandan ke 5 orang aja…bayangkan dah berapa kilo tuh naiknya badan ini..hiks..hiks… :p

Anyway….waktu tandan ke rumah –rumah itu, sempat sekali mampir ke rumahnya salah satu juragan brambang di sana


Ampun deh….

Rumahnya guuuueeeeeddddhhhheeeee baaangggeeeettt… (hehehe ga puas kalo nulis biasa :p)

Abis dapurnya aja pasti lebih besar dari rumahku yang di surabaya (tapi tanpa taman)

Trus plafonnya itu tinggi banget dan full ukiran gypsum…


Seleranya rada aneh…masak di catnya pink, kuning, ijo ngejreng, biru ngejreng..trus gat au warna ngejreng-ngejreng apa lagi…

Ckckck..coba catnya dengan warna yang bagus komposisinya pasti keren..

Mana pas nemuin itu pake gaun pesta (Ini siang..Halo…) dan gelangnya ada 2 lusin kali ya…

Aku ampe omong ke Nonik “Waduh itu kalo ke Surabaya bisa di putus setangannya sekalian ama perampok ..”

Tapi mama nimpalin gini “Itu belum seberapa..kalo pergi…gelang kakinya yang 1 ons juga dipake..”


Ckckck…It makes me amaze….

Ga ada cara laen apa ya to show your wealth…ckckck…

MUDIK DAY 5 : Eyang Malang dateng

Tuesday, September 30th 2008

Yesterday, I was so worried that Alex can not poe...but finally in the afternoon, he want to poe...
Although he don't want to use the WC...Then where?..Hahaha..Imagine it..he did it with standing at Bath room...Hahaha...
Pagi - pagi Alex dah jalan - jalan ama papanya ke belakang PLN..

hahaha..ketawa bahagianya Alex liat mama - papanya ikutin gayanya dia...
Ama papa mo panen jagung..
Pa...Alex mo cang (Alex mau pisang...)....hehehe...

Anyway for today, Mama cooked a lot of food to prepare the guest and relative that will come..
An around 11 o'clock Eyang Ngaglik with Tante Betty and her family came.
Rumah jadi rame karena anak-anaknya tante Bet yang lari-lari bareng Alex. Alex seneng banget maen ama tantenya-anak tante betty- (anaknya tante Betty umurnya sih baru 3 tahun..tapi buat Alex berarti dia tantenya..secara silsilah keluarga, dia sepupuku..)
Terus abis itu sorenya kita ke Graha Mulia di Probolinggo karena aku butuh beli obat....
NAh di depan Graha Mulia ini ada Pukis yang eeeennnnnaaaaakkkkk banget....
GA kayak pukis-pukis banyumas yang rasanya kayak banyak santannya....
Ni pukis rasanya ampir mirip ama pukis di malang jaman dulu...campuran terigu ama susu ama menteganya kerasa...
Ampun lamanya nunggunya...karena orangnya buat bikin tuh pukis butuh waktu 45 menit...
Ya sok...
Kita tunggu deh..karena Ayu pengen bangen...Terus sambil nunggu kita beli Terang Bulan (tapi masih kalah ama Holland...rasanya terlalu manis sih..Aku ga suka)
Setelah selesai...
Lalu dicicipi...
Mmmm...rasanya kok beda ya ama yang terahkir kali beli...
Dulu lebih enak deh perasaan....
Ya tapi masih enak jauh sih dibandingkan pukis banyumas...
Wa..besok dah Lebarannya ga terasa....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poem competition

Next month there’s a language month at Cita Hati…There gonna be a lot of activities… comedy drama, poem competition etc. And for the poem competition not only the students that should submit the poems but also the Pastoral Teacher of that class….

So as an interlude for that competition, I’ll show you some poems that I make for it as a 7 Pre IB 1 member... Give me comment to make it better, would u....


Anakku tersayang

Tingkah lakumu khan selalu terkenang

Dalam angan yang Tak pernah Lekang

Chubby cheeks peek on a pillow

Brightly eyes and smiley face that follow

Always able to ease my sorrow

Kanugrahan Gusti teng dunya

Ageng Katresnanipun marang kula

Putro kang kados dijogo


Tak terasa waktu tlah berjalan

Jarak menjadi penghadang

Namun kau khan selalu di hati

Sesuatu yang sangat berarti

We had many memories together

Had some problems at each other

But that’s will not bother

‘Coz our friendship will last forever

What do you think....???
I want to make one more poem about mama....
So Papa can publish it also at his book on mama's 1000 days memories (a tradition for javanesse to have ceremony and pray at 1000 days after someone passed away...)
Give me some input to make it better, okay...
Thank you....


Monday, September 29th 2008

Pagi ini Alex jalan – jalan ama papanya ke kebun belakang rumah…U see, rumah eyang nya Alex yang di probolinggo ada di kawasan Perum PLN Leces, jadi di bagian belakang rumah ada tanah yang saaangaaaatttt luas punya nya PLN dan dijadikan lading buat orang di sekitar situ… Ada banyak pohon mangganya pula..(Probolinggo gitu lho…Asalnya Mangga :p)

Dia ngobrol ama Pak Tulap (pegawainya eyangnya...)
Dia coba petik mangga pertamanya (saking banyaknya buahnya…sampai bergelantungan di dahan yang rendah dan bisa diambil Alex..) Dan buah pertama pun berhasil dipetik :)

Alex seneng sekali jalan2 ama eyang kungnya dan papanya…

But something bother me…

Alex belum pup kemarin dan hari ini….

Terahkir kali dia pup hari Sabtu..berarti 2 hari yang lalu….

As u know ( I wrote it before I think…) Alex sekarang dah ga mau pake pampers….

Kalo mo pipis dia bilang “pisss…” kalo mo pup bilang “ngengek…”

Jadi dia ga mau pup ato pipis di pampers lagi…

Nah padahal di rumah eyang probolinggo nya itu..klosetnya kloset jongkok…

Mungkin Alex belum terbiasa pake kloset seperti itu (Biasanya di pup sendiri tapi di kloset duduk…) ato karena perubahan suasana…

I don’t know…

But he just don’t want to poe poe…

Pusing aku….

Paahal minum susunya banyak banget..takut dia malah sakit perut kalo ga bisa pup..

Do u have any suggestion for me ???



Sunday, September 28th 2008

First we planned to go at 2 o’clock but because we are so tired so we woke up at 3 AM and went at 3.30…

Dan alhasil…

Alex jadinya bangun deh…..Selama perjalanan ke Probolinggo..dia yang sibuk sendiri Tanya “apa..Apa..” buat semua hal yang ada di perjalanan…trus kesukaannya sekarang ama Truk..jadi kalo pas liat di jalan, pasti langsung teriak.. “erk..erk…(ga jelas omongnya…hehehe..)”

Alex baru bisa tidur pas mau masuk kota Probolinggo…jadi kasian banget baru tidur dah harus bangun lagi karena dah nyampe…


Begitu sampe di rumah eyang probolinggo dia seneng banget karena ada kejutan buat Alex, yaitu…..


Lalu dia sibuk meriksa tuh sepeda....hehehe..kayak montir aja :)
Wah langsung deh Alex minta naek ke sepeda itu..

Dan dasar Alex lebih kuat motorik kasarnya daripada motorik halusnya, jadi kurang dari 10 menit dia dah bisa njalanin sepeda itu….(mancal sendiri….padahal tuh sepeda lebih tinggi dari badannya..) trus ga lama kemudian bahkan dah bisa belok, muter2…

Wah seneng dah dia dapat banyak mainan baru dari Eyangnya..Sepeda..Bebek2an balon, Baju…ckckck…Jadinya dia maen thok ae sampe ga mau bobok…