Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poem competition

Next month there’s a language month at Cita Hati…There gonna be a lot of activities… comedy drama, poem competition etc. And for the poem competition not only the students that should submit the poems but also the Pastoral Teacher of that class….

So as an interlude for that competition, I’ll show you some poems that I make for it as a 7 Pre IB 1 member... Give me comment to make it better, would u....


Anakku tersayang

Tingkah lakumu khan selalu terkenang

Dalam angan yang Tak pernah Lekang

Chubby cheeks peek on a pillow

Brightly eyes and smiley face that follow

Always able to ease my sorrow

Kanugrahan Gusti teng dunya

Ageng Katresnanipun marang kula

Putro kang kados dijogo


Tak terasa waktu tlah berjalan

Jarak menjadi penghadang

Namun kau khan selalu di hati

Sesuatu yang sangat berarti

We had many memories together

Had some problems at each other

But that’s will not bother

‘Coz our friendship will last forever

What do you think....???
I want to make one more poem about mama....
So Papa can publish it also at his book on mama's 1000 days memories (a tradition for javanesse to have ceremony and pray at 1000 days after someone passed away...)
Give me some input to make it better, okay...
Thank you....

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