Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Friday, September 26th 2008

Libur tlah tiba… Libur tlah tiba… Libur tlah tiba… J

That’s what Mr Isaac and Willy mumbling for these few days…

And finally….Holiday is come…Yippieee…. :p

Report card distribution is finished and now it’s time to enjoing life.. J

Yup, mudik season is coming….

For Indonesian people mudik is something that happened every year around Id el Fitr

(Lebaran)… It’s time to gather with family and relatives…

When there was Eyang Ti (My Grandma from mama), usually our place was the one that the relatives visited because Yang Ti was the second oldest child and Yang Kung (Granpa) was the oldest child, so their brothers and sisters always came to our place (although my family did not celebrate it, but Yang Ti and Yang Kung did…so it was the busiest day for us to prepare it…coz Yang Ti and Yang Kung was staying with us since they retired until they passed away..)

After Yang Kung and Yang Ti passed away, then my family has a new tradition to visit the relatives who celebrate Lebaran… So usually we go in the morning and finished at noon or afternoon… Tired But fun…can eat a lot of food :p

Later during Christmas, they the one that will visit us for return… J

And now, coz there’s Alex and Mas Ayok, so every lebaran we go to Probolinggo first for few days and then continue it to Malang (Alex yang jadi rebutan oleh Eyang – Eyangnya :p jadi harus digilir Eyang Probolinggo nya dan Eyang Malangnya )…

Okay and for now I have to prepare for mudik…

So we will continue the story later…

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