Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mama Memoriam Part 2 "During my teenage.."

Later on, when I was a teenage, I started to realize how hard it is for papa and mama try to give the best for their kids. I mean when mama and papa marriage they starting definitely from zero. Although my mom’s family is a welfare family, but she want to start it from zero with my dad. From their stories, I know that during their first months of marriage, they rent someone’s garage (not exactly a garage actually, just a “lompongan”) because they can’t afford to rent a house. And then when I was born they rent a house but half of it was still “gedeg” (bamboo). Thank God when my brother was born, papa had some fortune from a project and start bought a house. And during that time I always can find either papa or mama or both of them to help me with my homework and stuff. To mama I can tell her every problem that I had (but when I was at Junior High, I was an introvert so mostly I kept it my own..”dark ages” of my life :p..but since Senior High I begin more open.. Thanks to my dear big host brother Casper R Molthe.. and since that I always discuss with mama about everything…)

And I know mama and papa always discuss about everything…from their work, their friends, us as their kids :p…on everything… So I guess who lose her the most is papa.

Mama indeed a persistent person…when she wanted something she gonna gave her best effort to get it…And won’t stop until she receive it…When she failed…she stood up again and tried it again….

As a broker she had the capability to persuade people…When she saw opportunity she gonna chased it and won’t stop until it success….

If she can not made it to sell a house she will offer another.. and another.. and another till the buyer buy something or till the buyer positively don’t want to buy anything.

For some people who don’t know her very close, probably she is too pushing or demanding…but actually it’s just another work principle on her life to never stop trying and struggling…

That’s what inspire me to teach my kid and my students…”to never stop trying and struggling..”

She surely do a hard worker…. Sometime I even wonder where did she have the energy to do everything…as a wife, a housewife, a mother, a lecturer, a rector assistant, a broker, a house engineer, a writer (although most of the chapter made by papa) and other so much a……

How can she manage her time…?

How can she still able to made ice cream, cakes, or ayam bumbu kalak (Ido fave) or asem – asem (my fave :p ) or sup merah which very delicious until my aunt always order it for family gathering…

I still have to learn a lot to be like her…I still have a clumsy time arrangement :p

Sometime after go home from school, I feel to tired to do anything…. But I guess that because I put the boundary my self..(hmmm…) I should stretch my limit….

24 hours is too precious to be spent on doing nothing….

That’s another value I got from mama…I should learn on how she did it…

(wait for the next….)

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