Thursday, December 25, 2008

????? WHAT IS LOVE ??????

What is Love..???
Hmm...What is Love??
Why do it bother so many people???

I quote from a poem that I read during my High School... (not exactly coz I forget some part of it.. :p )

Love is come into different shape
Love from mother to child...
Love between friends..

Well I forget the exact poems...
As far as I remember it a good poems..I wish I can find it again...
Anyway...What is love??
Can you feel the same love for 2 different person?
Is it fair?

In my own experience, I even have fear if my baby boy Alex have another sibling, can I love them equally the same?
So the next question is..can love be divide?

does love can be disappear after some time??
or can it reappear again??
What is love?
What is love?


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