Friday, March 13, 2009

Dan in Real Life

Another movie that I saw during last weekend...

It's a romantic movie about a man named Dan. He is a death-widower with 3 young kids.

And then one day, during his big family gathering, he met a young lady in a book store and there it goes....the conversation become so smooth...nyambung gitu lah..

But the biggest surprise was waiting for him at his parents' house...His brother brings a new girlfriend....and guess what...the girl is the lady that he met at the bookstore... O MG...falling in love with his brother girlfriend...

At some point I can understand Dan's dilema...choosing to follow your own feeling or be tolerant (which mean deny your feeling) for someone that you also love dearly, like your brother. 

Which one will you choose if you were in  Dan's position?

Have you ever fall in love for someone in first sight?

Have you ever experience to know that "He/She's the one" by only 2-3 days?

If you like romantic movie..then you should watch it..Ceritanya so sweet..hehehe..bikin termehek-mehek...

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