Sunday, March 1, 2009


My husband and me, have just watched a movie titled “EAGLE EYE” this dawn (saat2 cuman berduaan, sebelum alex bangun :p)

First, when my husband recommended this movie, I have doubt.. Is it a good movie? Because my husband fave movies are like Saw, Leech, Crocodile and that type of movie with a lot of blood and body apart or war movie. And that are not my fave at all. But thank God this movie is action, so at the safe genre that both of us like. This movie is brought to you by Stephen Spielberg, the master… I admire him for his idea for some breakthrough movies. He has made a lot of great movies 

Okay, let me begin the brief review about it. It opened with an attack of a village by US army, that turns out to be a mistake. (At that time I thought it’s another war movies, and I prepare not to watch it :p). And then the scene change in America, a life of a man named Jery, who seems to be nobody… I mean, really nobody. A person operates the photocopy machine that probably we will not remember.

And then Jerry got a phone call from his mom and turns out his twin brother was dead. At other place, there’s a young mother (named Rachel) who busy to drop his boy to a station for a musical concert. Back to Jerry, after the funeral, he found a paycheck with his name on it, and when he tried to withdraw the money, it turns out the check worth $750,000 (For him, who can be consider poor.. that’s a huge money.) And when he went back to his apartment, it turns out his apartment full with gun, weapon, nitrate, etc. And he received a phone call that knows exactly what will happen, I mean exactly until the second that count. The voice is also saying that he has been activated.

At the other place, Rachel was hanging out with her friends when she received a phone call that she thought from his son. It turns out the phone call came from the same voice that called Jerry, and this woman voices show the image of Rachel’s son and if Rachel didn’t following her (the voice sound) instruction, then “they” will hijack the Rachel’s son train and probably killed him . She (the voice sound) also said that she has been activated.

Now, the story begin to be more exciting (And I don’t have any plan to leave it anymore..hehehe). Somehow, both Rachel and Jerry are connected to do the same task from the woman voice. The heart pumping scene starts to begin. “This voice” can do something impossible; like know how the traffic is, turns all the traffic light, operate a crane, plan for an escape plan, and so many more. WHO IS SHE? Well, I will not revealed it, because it will not be interesting for you to see then 

And when you watched it longer, it involves a grand master of conspiracy that we probably never imagine. And it makes you wandering…Is it possible? I remember when I was a kid, I love to watch Star Trek… and at that time, communicate with others and you can see their faces seems to be impossible…but nowadays, we can do that through MMS. So, nothing is impossible. And by seeing how internet has grown so fast…there’s no border anymore in this world…this movie probably can be happen one day, probably not now..but someday in our future..hehehe…SPOOKY…

A must watch movie if you like conspiracy idea, or if you an internet lovers 
Happy Watching….


gdenarayana said...

hmmm..spooky islandnya scooby doo kayanya...heheheh

minggu kemaren juga nonton apa yah, lupa pelemnya Leonardo DiCaprio ama Russell Crowe ntuh apaan yah, sama ada konspirasi juga..seru..ternyata bahaya juga, satelit dimana - mana, aktivitas private bs ketauan neh...wkwkwkwk

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