Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friends..An Awesome Serial

Have you ever watch "FRIENDS"??

It is an awesome of the best. Since High School when Wita, My bestfriend told me about this serial..since then I am a big fan of this serial.

It's the story of 6 bestfriends, sometimes there's fight, sometimes they have crush to one another but above all...They keep being friendsone another. How they supports one another through difficult times are awesome. How they willingly to help one another (something rarely happen now..) are touching. The line that they use sometimes so funny, although it seems not ...

It's tremendously funny...It's has a smart humor thing (Maksudnya bukan humor yang slapstik gitu..) It has the value of friendship and family that we can get..It's awesome. And I was so disappointed when they stop to produced it :(

Why do I bring this now? Coz last night I just watched it again, starting from the first episode of the first season...and it can still made me laugh out funny...and sometimes touching... I remember this serial is one of the serial that can make me cry and laugh at the same episode.

I wish they could produce new episode again... :)

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