Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Before I started to review things or submit my blog at Paid to Review, better I review my self...hehehe... For those who knows me, you are welcome to commented whether my review is right or not :). Jadi buat yang kenal aku, silahkan kalo mo komen apa refleksi diriku ini bener apa nggak... Okay here we go..


1. Clumpsy and forgetful...Teledor dan pelupa.... I've tried to deal with this weakness,but sometime when there's so many things on my mind, I'm easily forget about small detail..forget where I've put my stuff and things like that.

2. Selfish...Egois... At sometimes I felt ashamed of my self, I'm too selfish specially to my family. Maaf ya pa, mayok, alex, rina, ido kalo aku sering egois dan mau menang sendiri..

3. Sleep easily..iya aku tuch suka gampang banget ketiduran...apalagi kalo mo nidurin Alex.. maunya abis gitu bangun buat ngerjain beberapa hal...eee....keblabasan ampe pagi. Due to the things that I still should do, sometimes I feel guilty because I still sleep 7 hour a day...ckckck...I should able to decrease my time to sleep. God only gives 24 hours a day, kadang terlalu mubazir untuk dibuat tidur.

4. Introvert...I used to be an introvert, but by being a teacher now I'm become more extrovert :)

5. Can not easily trust someone...Susah percaya ke orang. It's hard for me to trust someone...sometimes I'm too paranoid I guess...

6. Paranoid...hehehe..aku suka kuatir... I'm easily worried..I don't know is it because I'm too possessive or what...But after I read about Borderline Disorder, I've tried my best to deal with it

7. Messy...Berantakan..Hehehe..I guess this should be my number 2 biggest problems...I'm so messy with my things. That's why I feel sorry with Ms. Maria Liza and Mr Jos who share tables with me...And also Mas Ayok, because my home so messy, while he is a neat man..Maaf ya pa.. Sometime in a neat place, I feel afraid to mess up everything and that makes me can not work well...hehehe...self excuse.. :p

8. Easily burst in tears...Gampang menangis...When I read something or watch something touchy..usually I burst in tears..I hate it, but can not prevent it :( My husband always tease me because of it :(

9.Childish...kekanak-kanakan...even my little brother and my little sister is wiser than me :(


1. Hard worker..pekerja keras, even this morning I had an argue with my husband because he didn't allow me to go to school due to my condition which still at recovery condition after sick. Seandainya suamiku keukeh tidak ijinkan aku untuk masuk kerja,  yach aku akan turuti mas Ayok (walau mungkin sambil ngambek..:p), tetapi setelah tadi sempat debat, ahkirnya mas Ayok ijinin aku kerja..hehehe...Suami yang sayang ama istri. I feel bad if because of my absent, my friends need to inval me.. So as long as I can stand on my feet, I will do my obligation. Selama aku masih bisa berdiri, berarti aku akan melakukan kewajibanku...

2. Persistent.... If I want something than I will do my best to reach it. Kalo aku ingin mencapai sesuatu, aku akan melakukan yang terbaik dan terus mencoba sampai hal itu bisa kuperoleh. I believe that nothing is impossible with God's help. So we should not stop to try our best.

3. Fast learner...Bisa belajar sesuatu secara cepat... Ga tau sih ini kelebihan atau bukan, mungkin karena aku suka belajar hal baru..jadi kalo aku nemuin sesuatu yang baru..aku pengen cepet bisanya (kecuali belajar mandarin nih..belum bisa-bisa..:p) I just like to learn new things, if I found something new, I will try to do it.

4. Trustworthy...Bisa dipercaya...At least I've tried my best to be able to keep a secret. Although some secrets can be scary sometimes :p

What else ya???

There's something that I need input from you, all of my friends and readers....

1. Am I a good friends? Saya teman yang baik tidak?

2. Am I patient..sabar??

Please give me comment and recommendation (things I need to improve..). So I can improve my self. Thank you so much :)

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Sora said...

Kalo yg nomer 1 itu sih, setuju bgt, Ms Rila~