Friday, February 13, 2009


Although my main job is a teacher, but my husband and I also started some business of our own as our future plan. Some of them are survive (even success...) but many of them also failed :p

And all of this time my husband and I usually started a business based on Friendship and Mutual Respect one another. And so far there's seem no problems although most of the time only based on TRUST. Or if there's problems usually only minor problems..friction between one another... But mostly it can be solved and we also still can maintain our friendship.

But now, I've learned it in a hard way...

The business that we build based on Friendship and Trust, turns out become boomerang for ourselves. Like in bible said ...Indeed Mammon (Money) is the oldest temptation for human being... And now I only can regret it, why in the past I didn't make clear and legal agreement about everything...Why..Why..Why...It turns out the value that I have in life especially about TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT, and FRIENDSHIP can be easily twisted by another person. I never imagine that a person can do such of things..twisted everything around.

I don't like conflict (as a sanguin-plegmatis person, I prefer to solve everything personally). But for this case, if conflict is the answer and it needs to be refers to the Indonesian law, than I'm ready. I'll do whatever it takes to fight for my right..wuih..kesannnya rek :p

Rp. omzet is a huge amount to be deal with.Ugh...

But, I've try to see it in a positive way...that it is a lesson for me personally on how to run a business...yach.. you could say that It's a blessing in disguise...

Hopefully through this experience can make the business that we've build can have stronger foundation, Mas...Amien

Hopefully through this experience can enable me to run a better business. Amien

Hopefully through this experience, there are blessing and fortune in the future. Amien. Amien. Amien


Shirgie said...

Hi Rila,
Happy valentines too...hope you have a wonderful heart's day.

Jos said...

Hey Karila, nice blog!!
I like your stories, never knew you're an Undercover Entrepreneur ;>

Indra Kurniadi said...

Go go Rila :)