Monday, February 9, 2009

ALEX AT SCHOOL (Part II), Please give me advise

If last month, I've wrote how Alex is doing well in is school, now I want to wrote again about it...
For 2 weeks, Alex was okay with the school, he enjoyed it so much. It shown by his answer whenever I asked him about his school. He able to explain the material that is being taught at school. He able to draw "kelkel" (translation :circle), kuer (translation :square) and sometime proudly showed the stamp that he had in his hand because being good at school. After 2 days at school, the baby sitter already left him alone  in class, but it seems okay with him.

But that is different now. Lately he don't want to go to school. Only by seeing his uniform, can make him cry histerically. And it's getting worse when he arrive at school. He will refuse to enter the class. He cries everytime at school..(And God knows how loud Alex can cry ..hehehe...). Now everyone in Buah Hati know Alex...the boy how cry so loud..ckckck...

I confuse what should I do?
Ms. Risa suggest that probably Alex needs more time with his parents at school.
So I followed her suggestion.
But the school has strict regulation that every students allowed to be accompanied by their parents only at their first month.
Alex doesn't have this problems at his first month, he-infact-able to adapt well during his first month, but now.....

Parents out there..what did you do in your kids first day at school?

As a teacher, I always advice my students parents...but know dealing with my own son and I haven't got any clue what should I do....
Or what makes him "hates" school (ketakutan lebih tepatnya...terrifiying more likely...)
Is it too early for him to be at school? (my son is 2 years old)
Is it because he is the only child (for now)?

Right now, me and my husband always take Alex to school ourselves. But because my husband has work in shift, so lately I become more often to ask permission from school to take Alex at his school. I swop my teaching hours to another period after Alex's school hour.
At home, my husband and I play role play like in a school..Hopefully it can make him for comfortable.
And I pray that Alex can enjoying his school again soon..God, please help him...

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