Thursday, January 29, 2009


These days, one word that keeps in my head is about schizophrenia...
And also about Alter Ego (kepribadian ganda) or known as Multiple Personality Disorder...
Do each personality able to communicate to each other?
How can we identify someone has MPD or schizophrenia?
I've been googling to know more about it, but I haven't found something that satisfy me.
In or, it enriched me about it, but still can not answer my questions
What did make it? I mean what make someone have either Alter Ego or schizophrenia?
Can it be cure?
How to cure it?
I'm desperately wanting to help someone, but I haven't got enough information to help.
It even makes me more sure to take psychology as my major in my post graduate studies.
Human itself is a mistery of life :)
So...If you know information about those hings, please let me know, or also if you know a good site that provide information about it, please let me know.
I'll be very grateful for that.
Thank you


Anonymous said...

biasanya bisa karena penyakit yang menyerang otak atau syaraf otak. atau bisa juga karena stress atau ada masalah. cara menyembuhkannya di terapi, konsultasi, yang mengarah hanya pada satu kepribadiaannya

Karila Wisudayanti said...

makasi...wah..kok anonymous sih..jadi ga bisa nanya2 balik nih..Thanks anyway