Monday, January 5, 2009

??2012 is the DOOMS DAY (KIAMAT)???

Last Saturday, I saw a television show that showed someone who gave prophecy about what will happen in this 2009...
For the Indonesian people probably already know about MAMA LAURENT...
She is the one who gave prophecy last Saturday Night..
She answer the question about the rumor in the society about whether the 2012 is the dooms day...
She admitted that all of these years usually she able to "see" what will happen in the future...but its stack at 2012. She admitted that she can not see what will happen in 2013, it seems that there's "curtains" which didn't reveal the future of 2013...

When I saw that with my family...There are some different reaction :
1. My babysitter was panic and regret why she watch that television show..
2. My calm as he usually... :)
3. My son..kept playing, coz he probably he thought what's the big deal with that :)
4. My self, first shock, I felt that I haven't give or show my best to the people that I love...

Despite of whether it's true or not (and I surrender it all to God, who knows it all..)

But from that, I realize that our life can be easily taken..How short my life is..We don't know where or when or how...but eventually we will die....
And when that moment come...have we live our life in the best way? Have we put our best effort in it? Have we fulfill it with good deeds?
Well, from that case, it strengthen me to write down 101 things I want to do before I die :)
(copycat from Mas Indra-my partner-)
And what is that 101 things?? Well I still listed it now and I stop till number 58...Still think what I want to do again.. :)
When I finish I will publish it then :)
So..just wait and see for it..:)


Aliyth Prakarsa said...

Kawan cinta damai? Kawan membenci perang?
Apapun agamamu, keyakinanmu, jenis kelaminmu, orientasi seksualmu, partai politikmu, ukuran sepatu atau apaun itu selama kawan menghaendaki perdamaian tumbuh di dunia ini, maka kami mengajak kawan untuk turut mengisi blog ini dengan password hentikanperang
kawan-kawan bisa menulis puisi atau apapun dengan syarat;
-bertanggung jawab (menulis nama, alamat blog/email)
-tdk menghina agama manapun
-tetap mengabarkan perdamaian
semoga kawan tertarik… semoga ini menjadi wadah bagi kawan yang tidak bisa hanya duduk terdiam melihat berita pembantaian umat manusia dijalur Gaza
terima kasih

Karila Wisudayanti said...

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