Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mas Fahmi Frizzy Blog

At the beginning of this long weekend, I promise to Mas Fahmi to review his blog..
So here it goes..

1. About the appearance
It's a simple and minimalism blog, and through it simplicity people can get information better. it has some banner about adsense and stuff but how he put it not ruin the posting it self as a main body

2. Content
The content is about anything that happened around him, some about blog tricks and computer and self management even for those alcoholic person *smile* I still have a lot af things to learn from him and from the others blog owner who can put great posting :)

3. Reply response
One thing I salute from him is his response to anyone who visited his blog ( I admit sometime for me, it still took a while for me to reply all of my blog visitor..Sorry for that guys..)

Okay I think that's all that I want to review now..
Mas Fahmi, hope you like it... :)
It's true from the bottom of my heart :p

1 comment:

frizzy said...

Thank you for the review.
First time that I started the blogging is I just want to write everything in my mind and share for anyone who care.
I really care about my reading hobby and want everybody know what's my opinion about something, although I couldn't simply summarize what should I write. That's all for my side, thank you.

For your blog, it's really nice and cute for the layout and posting.

Really appreciate for your review and friendship, hope we can stay keep in touch for the good last...

Cheers, frizzy.