Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why am I being a TEACHER?

I often heard someone asked me..

“why do you want to be a teacher?” I know some of my best friend thing that I was not serious to take it as a career….

“Why do you need to study engineering if it turns out you are only teach kids..??”..

Okay, to answer that question,
I will need to tell you from the beginning….

I was graduated from ITS on March
2004, and only 5 days from my graduation, I was called to work as a consultant
(ISO 9001 Consultant…) And I enjoyed work as a consultant.. It’s never boring,
we have to learn many things at once, we have to be able to adapt with whatever
the circumstances there are. For example : If I go to tobacco company today,
means yesterday, I already prepare with its process, document, etc. And if the next day I go to food manufacturing, then I will need to study and prepare for it…
It was fun, I got many experiences, and sometime even the owner of the company told us how to build a business (usually during lunch chat…) So, the work is fun…


When I see my supervisor.. she needs to leave her child (baby
child..) for days because one of our client is in Jember and they will have
assessment… I start to think that this job is not for me…I mean it’s okay when
I’m still single (coz I love to travel..) but I can’t imagine to leave my baby
for a long term…..So, I RESIGN…in a sudden until my boss wondering because
actually I seems enjoyed my work and she pleased with my work….

After that, for several months, I try to manage Phitagoras (my consultant company with some of my partner…Mbak Riris at that time, and Mas Indra join not long after that..) At that time, I still love to be a consultant but I also prepare for the next future, when I have family of my own…so, I prepare something that can give me passive income in the future..(Hopefully.. so help me God..) Instead of spending my time for someone else company, it would be better I struggle for my own…That’s my thought….

So…I’m quite proud of it…Starting only with Rp. 75000,-/each, we (me, mbak ris, yoyo and dhipik) made name card and other publication…. And thank’s GOD, 4 months after I resign, Phitagoras are registered as PT (Perseroan Terbatas..)
actually thanks to Mas Indra who joined not long before that and persist to
make it legal :D (Me and mbak Ris against it at first….hehehe…Yoyo and Dhipik
no longer with us…)

Then when do I think to be a teacher?

At that time, I was joining one
of the training at WISMA SIER for Forkom SIER as a representative from
Phitagoras. And at that time the training mention that why Indonesia become “like this” because the kids at school are teach with the same methodologies and making the same stereotype… So actually if we want to build a nation start to teach the younger generation a creative way of learning.. and start to build their awareness about their nation. Mostly it’s all can be done at school…

Hmmmm..than I started to think… I usually train adults…why don’t a
teach young kids…Try to make a big impact in the future….Hmmm….

At that time I’m still not sure yet…

Yach because it’s public secret that teachers’ salary are not big.. :p

But I start to think a teacher as an option of my job….

At that time mbak Ris already at Aneka Rupa Tera and I want to get another job. Mas Indra is the only one from the owner that full time in Phitagoras…And I thank you so much mas…Phitagoras can be as big as now..because of you…. Beyond what I ever dream before :D

So I start to find jobs that I liked.. And I let it flow…I don’t have specific requirement.. I surrender it to God… And finally at that time I had several test and interview… The one that I remember the most is from Cita Hati and Surabaya Plaza Hotel… Both of them call me at the same day and both of them accept me as their employee…. At first I’m very confused….As the Public Relation of Surabaya Plaza Hotel, they offer me more than 3 times salary than what Cita Hati offer as a teacher… WOW…

But then I discuss with Mas Ayok (my boyfriend at that time..not husband yet..) And he said that I should think about the responsibility and job desc also accept the salary… At hotel the salary is big but the working hour is almost 24 hours must stand by (if we have event)…then what’s the different when I’m still be a consultant….Even worst…

Hmmm….Make sense, I resign as a consultant because I want more time with my family… And also because that training at SIER that I remember always…

Then I decide to choose to be a teacher

And Mrs Shinta (my principal at that time) even can make me to see a bigger vision than I had at that time… I know that it is a job for me…..

Mas Ayok ones asked me “Mau kerja di orang sampe kapan, Ma?”
(because he has a big dream to start his own business and no longer work for
someone.. )

I replied “Mama disekolah bukan cari kerja karena kerja di orang..tapi karena aku suka..jadi aku akan kerja selama aku masih suka disana..dan selama aku masih seneng ngajar..”

“Mama ga kepikiran punya sekolah sendiri”

“Tentu saja, Pa…salah satu mimpiku..goalku…bias bikin sekolah buat para
Anak jalanan dan Anak yang ga mampu…”

It’s seems impossible for now but I believe that nothing is impossible… (‘o’)v

So that’s about it…I like to teach…specially I like to see a kid struggle for his/her own life…

Everything if possible if they believe it….

And the one that can change their destiny is their own effort..

That’s what I want the kids to know…

Besides, by being a teacher…

I have many holidays to spent with Alex and Mayok…..hehehe :D (although Mas Ayok hard to find a leave..:( )

I still have time also to handle Mas Ayok's business and mine….

So may God strengthen me to do this job….


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