Wednesday, December 14, 2011


As you may know, i just give birth to my second baby-my baby girl Lesha- last April, and even before she was born, I have made a commitment to Breastfed my baby until at least 2 years.

Why did I do that? Because my first son, Alex was born when I was still lack of information about breast feeding and its benefit as well as treatment to encounter the problem relating breast feeding.
And I regret it till now...

Anyway, because I’ve made commitment to exclusively breastfeed my baby (so no formula milk addition at all)it’s quite an effort to do. I –selfishly- can not leave my teaching and my job, while in the other hand my baby needs me. So I made agreement with the nanny (who –thank God- understand my decision and support me), that she will take another effort just to give Lesha the milk that I’ve express. You see, Lesha don’t want formula milk and bottle, so the nanny should feed her using feeder cup or spoon, and it does take a lot of effort.

While for me..the first few weeks I was so busy to adapt..I need to teach, running to find an empty room to pumping,pumping, then teach again..and pumping and teach again..and pumping again and meeting...I felt like no time to take breath ;p Even a few times I need to pump in darken Lab and squeeze my self to hide under the table (But at least I won a competition for that story :p) Afterall the difficulties, I did not regret it because my daughter indeed has stronger antibody than her big brother. :D

It would be better if the workplace provide a room that can be use as a nursing room, because it will save lots of time than to find empty spot to use. Lately I can express it by hand so I don’t need to find electricity everytime I need to pump. And Bathroom was my best choice for that.
But sometime I felt bad because I’ve make my colleagues to wait everytime they need to use bathroom. So once again nursing room is indeed important

What is the benefit for the company if they provide the nursing room???

Well, for sure it will encourage lots of mother to breastfed their babies. And it will increase their motivation to balance their life between work and family

They second point is, few researches that being conduct lately proved that the breastfed babies has intention to have better antibody than the non breastfed babies. And when it happend, the company will have the benefit because reduce the health allowance and also the absentee of working moms due to child’s health.

Even lately Indonesian Goverment has made RUU about nursing room in workplace that mention few things such as company should not prevet their working mom to pump and also encourage to give facility to support that.

So, if your working place have not provide a nursing room, you can demand it soon ladies :D Go ASI :D

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attayaya-lingga said...

ruang untuk bayi bagi karyawan,
selalulah bayi dikasi ASI